Hardwood Flooring Gallery #46 If you need new hardwood flooring, we can install unfinished wood and finish it for you or we can install a beautiful pre-finished floor. Our installers are the best in the business with over 65 years of combined hardwood flooring installation experience. We use only the finest wood to make sure that your floors will last as long as possible.

Hardwood Installation

  1. Stock wood 1-4 days before installation for acclimation to moisture and humidity.
  2. Install moisture paper.
  3. Install flooring according to NWFA standards.

Pre-Finished Hardwood Flooring

Floors that already come sanded, stained & finished


  • Minimal mess
  • Minimal time


  • Limited options on color, sheen & grade
  • Individual boards are polyurethaned
  • Over wood – this is where one board may be higher than the next
    (One of the reasons most pre-finished floors come with bevels or micro
    bevels, is to hide over wood.)

Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

Floors that are sanded, stained & finished in your home


  • No over wood or bevels
  • Unlimited options for color, sheen & grade
  • Monolithic coat of polyurethane over the entire floor


  • Drying time
  • Creates dust
  • Smell of polyurethane
  • Limited access to work areas

Which holds up the best?

Honestly, both hold up the same. They are both maintained the same and should be re-coated within three to five years. This consists of buffing the floor with a synthetic pad and applying more polyurethane (either water or oil). We prefer to use the oil-based polyurethane because it gives a much better look when all is finished. It leaves a smooth, thicker finished product. The main negative aspect to the water-based product is that it raises the grain of the floor and you get a slightly rougher texture in the finished product.

Some people, however, choose to live with the rougher finish to get the convenience associated with this product. Note: Over the years we have had a few instances where polyurethane has dripped through old or gapped floors into a customers basement. Abrams Hardwood Floors will not be held responsible for this situation if it arises. Please make sure to cover any valuables, carpets, etc in case of leakage. This situation is rare, and has only happened a few times, but it is beyond our control.

Temperature and Humidity

Abrams Hardwood Floors will not be held responsible for moisture and humidity problems that arise after a floor has been installed (i.e. water leaks, basement leaks, or lack of climate control). The climate should be kept at a steady temperature before, during and after installation. A lack of moisture will cause slight gaps and cracks in the floor, while having too much moisture can cause the floor to cup. The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) recommends that the area should be kept at a 45 to 50% relative humidity. All Abrams Hardwood Floors installations are tested prior to work being started, and we do our best to try to eliminate any such problems. If you need more information on moisture or moisture related problems, please contact the office.

Wood Deliveries

Abrams Hardwood Floors will be contacting you prior to the delivery of the wood to your home letting you know the day it is scheduled so that you can make arrangements to accept the delivery. At that time, they will probably not know the time frame for the delivery, but we will be calling you back once again, approximately one day prior to your delivery to advise you of either a morning or afternoon delivery. In most cases, we can not give an exact time for the wood delivery as it comes directly from our supplier to your home. The wood can not be stored in a garage, shed, basement or porch. The purpose of the delivery is to allow the wood to acclimate to the same temperature and humidity as in the room that it is to be installed.