Molding & Reducers

Hardwood Flooring Gallery #44 We will install all moldings and/or reducers at the time of the final coat of polyurethane. We stock most standard sized reducers and molding. If a reducer or molding needs to be custom milled, it will need to be priced at that time.
Gaps & Cracks
On existing floors, Abrams Hardwood Floors does not recommend filling seasonal gaps. Due to the nature of wood, gaps will open and close as the humidity rises and falls. This motion will force out any putty used to fill the gaps.

Dust Containment

Sanding is a dusty business, and while Abrams Hardwood Floors collects approximately 80% of the dust we generate, the other 20% is distributed throughout your home. We can put plastic up in doorways, but we will not be responsible for any paint that may be removed resulting from taping the plastic up. We use very expensive blue painter’s tape, guaranteed not to remove paint, but unfortunately, in some cases, it does remove loose or newly painted areas. If we do leave a thin layer of dust, we do apologize, but a quick vacuum through the affected area is all that is needed. We also recommend that you change your heating or AC filter after the job is completed. However, if you elected to purchase the Dust Containment system option for the sanding process, we bring additional equipment in order to contain the dust as it is created. We collect closer to 95% of the dust created during this process. Using the DCS adds a small fee to the job and does slow the process due to extra time and effort our crew must take to insure the best dust collection possible. The DCS will help cut back on the amount of cleanup that you, the customer, will have to do after we complete the refinishing process.

Screening & Coating

When asked to screen and coat an existing floor, Abrams Hardwood Floors will not be held responsible for polyurethane that does not adhere to the floors. This is caused by the fact that we do not know what was used to clean the floors in previous years. Some cleaning products cause adhesion problems.


Abrams Hardwood Floors employees are highly trained flooring technicians, but we are not electricians or plumbers. With that in mind, we like to leave the removal/replacement of refrigerators, toilets, stoves, washers, dryers, etc. to the professionals. We ask that if you need an appliance moved for the work to be completed, please make the arrangements with the proper company to do so. The only exception to this is if moving the appliance does not require unhooking any tubes, pipes, wires, etc. If we are removing and replacing any appliance it will be noted and priced on your proposal. If you do not see a note and/or charge on your proposal for moving an appliance we agreed to move please contact the office.


If Abrams Hardwood Floors is moving your furniture, please make sure you unhook any computers, TV’s, VCR’s, stereo equipment, etc. Be sure to move any small items such as chairs, small tables or knick-knacks, and empty all bookshelves and closets. Also, take down drapes, curtains, vertical blinds and pictures. Please keep in mind that dust is a byproduct of the installation and sanding process. Please remove anything that you do not want to get dusty from the area. If there is not enough room to store all the furniture that is in the area of the work, the job will need to be completed in phases. We would much rather do jobs in one phase, but this is not always possible. When doing jobs in phases, you take a chance on leaving lap marks or slight sheen variation. This is due to the fact that not all containers are exactly the same, and this is totally out of our control.