Hardwood Flooring Gallery #50 If we remove carpet, we may find pet stains, water-damage, razor marks from a previous carpet installation or other unforeseen damage. In most cases, sanding will not fix these areas depending on their severity. The only way to repair troublesome spots is to remove and replace them. Unfortunately, this will most likely delay the job by a minimum of one day (likely to be longer depending on our schedule). We will evaluate the damage and inform you of the options, giving you a price for each one. We will need some form of written confirmation before we proceed with the additional work. All carpet will be disposed of unless otherwise instructed.

Carpet Ceramic and Sub-floor

Ceramic and sub floor removal can also create some problems because we do not know exactly how they were installed, whether they were glued, screwed, etc. While removing tile, the tile must be broken up first prior to removing the plywood underlayment. During this process, chips of tile may damage walls. While we do try to keep this to a minimum, do expect to do some touch ups. If we run into any problems during removal, the homeowner will be notified immediately and options will be given, priced and OK’d. Abrams Hardwood Floors will remove all take-up from the premises unless otherwise instructed.