Hardwood Flooring Gallery #47 If we are supposed to apply a stain to your wood floors, then we need to know the exact color. If you are unsure as to the color you wish to use, please make arrangements for someone to be at your job site on the first day of the sanding process, so that we may do a stain test for your approval.

If this is not possible, please notify the office so that we can arrange for the test to be done at a more convenient time. When staining dark colors, it is virtually impossible not to get a minimum amount of stain on your door jams, spindles, side skirts,etc, so please be prepared to do some touch up painting.

Also, when changing colors from very dark stain to natural or light stain, it is impossible to remove all the dark stain from open grain areas, especially where hand scraping is involved.

Note: Some nail holes that are black, due to the fact that they have gotten wet in the past, will not sand out.