“In the process of refurbishing an antique schoolhouse, we hired Abrams’ Flooring to restore the living room floor that had not been done in over a hundred years. John made the trip to our site, gave us an incredibly fair estimate for the job, and scheduled it quickly and easily. He then returned on the agreed upon date with his crew. They were professional, yet personal, and highly skilled. They went to work and in no time, our floor was done. We were amazed by the results. Underneath the dark, marred and filthy surface was a beautiful light birch hardwood floor! The nicest part was when John found an original ink stain on the floor, left by one of the school children who attended the school back in the 1800’s. He asked if we would like to keep the stain, and we decided to do so. The new owners are very excited to have that historical detail intact! We are looking forward to having John’s crew come back in the future to do the floors of our log cabin. Abrams’ flooring is the best!”
~ Andrea Lane